Saturday, March 1, 2003


=========March 18, 2003=========
Subject: PR AD Network Newsletter 3-18-03

Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 9:11 AM

From: bobking

• The New Ad Format
• New Google Algo
• Rotating Class C's IP#

Just in case you haven't noticed, just about everybody that has a PR of 5 or up is selling text links. We think that is great! Google probably does not.
It doesn't take a high school grad to figure out that Google would probably like to see themselves in total control of PR and not appreciate individual webmasters wanting to profit from their own sites. While we have no concrete evidence that Google is penalizing any specific site for any specific links, it just stands to reason that they certainly may.
We have seen an incredible number of websites now running 5 word text links at the bottom of their high PR pages. If someone were trying to identify a site that was likely offering text links, it wouldn't be too hard. Add to that fact the number of so-called SEO's running to webmaster world and posting about sites selling PR, there is reason for concern.
In our efforts to continue providing state of the art service and security for our clients and our inventory partners, we are changing the look of text links on the web. We don't want our links looking just a list of links at the bottom of a page. We want our links to look professional, We want our links to provide quality and revenue for our partners and we want our links to pass Page Rank on to the target site.
So, we have begun sending links to our inventory partners that are a combination of a graphic and text while still providing a straight html link. These "text banners" look very similar to links you would find on the main pages of major search engines. They consist of an image of approx 70x70 that provides a high quality, logo type graphic and the anchor text as a link.
No big changes in how they work. Big changes in how they look and how they are perceived by the surfing public and your competitors.
Here's an example:
If you have a specific graphic that loads fast and we can use, let us know in your comments section of the next order and we'll get in touch. If not, we will design one that will be accepted by the inventory partner for you at no extra charge. We can also create a custom grahic for you but we do charge $125 for those. 

Almost every update, we get people calling us and claiming that Google is using a new algorithm. This month, they may have a point. Actually, it is not a new algo, it is just more filters.
In the 6+ years I have spent working with search engines, very seldom have I seen anything developed that was intended to get more good stuff in, in spite of the press release hype the search engines released. Almost without fail, their new feature is nothing more than yet another filter to keep what they consider bad stuff out rather than get good stuff in. You may think it sounds like the same thing, but it is two entirely different concepts and it determines which direction to look when faced with the ,"why did my site drop" question.
The PR Ad Network does not get involved with search engine placement. If you need help with that you need a different service and we recommend" who will build you a site from the ground up with the focus on placement for only $689. All the Ad Network does is find you sites that will run your text ad.
With that being said, we do have more occasion to notice specific changes than most people and there is one we've noticed.
Did anyone see the announcement by GoogleGuy about Google NOT passing PR from expired and re-purchased domains? Well, what they are telling us is that they are now using Internic to aggressively apply certain filter, penalties or algos if you please, to urls BEFORE they are assigned Page Rank.
There has also been a lot of discussion this past month about the "new" patent they have applied for commonly referred to as linking interconnectivity. According to the online application, it would appear that it is saying page rank is re-assigned on the fly to a listing AFTER a search query has been entered. This would indicate that in order to place on the first page of results, you would need to get a high PR link from a direct competitor that Google considers an authority or a hub.
HMMMM, getting a high PR link from a direct competitor. I don't think so.
In that application, they also mention how they will filter, (like I said earlier, when I noticed Googleguy mention it, it was referred to as a feature), for affiliated sites. What could that mean? It means sites that are affiliated in such a way as to strengthen, or as Google calls it, artificially inflate their own page rank.
So, they are telling us they are working directly with Internic to filter PR from expired domains and they are telling us they are checking for affiliated sites.
When checking for your backlinks and you find absent that one you expected to see, don't jump to conclusions and automatically assume it's the incoming link. What we do is check to see if other links on the page are showing up as backlinks. If one backlink shows up for even one site, then it is not the link that it is coming FROM that has the problem. It is the site that the link is going TO.
If all the links from an inventory page don't show up as a backlink for any link from that page, then it is not your site, it is theirs and you need to notify us and have us remove all our clients from that site.
So let's assume you find other links that have backlinks from that site but not yours. Why? What we have found so far is that either the site with the link coming in has a re-direct or it was very easy for us to find the affiliation with other domains owned or at least registered by the same source.
That means you need to take care of that trail and get the PageRank back!

I would imagine most of you are familiar with the fact that I am involved in a lawsuit with Google. The reason for the lawsuit and for my insight into this new filter system is related. I did not sue them because they PR0'd the site. I sued them because they penalized every site I owned and every client's site and every customer's site they could find. The key phrase here being THEY COULD FIND!
I've known about the affiliation thing since October, when Google went to great pains to literally put me out of business on the web. Yet, here I am. I'm here because I was lucky enough to see it coming and well over a year ago I started acquiring servers from different sources. I started insisting on as many IP# as I could afford from as many class C's as I could get.
When Google wiped out most of our promotional clients overnight, I was able to have them restored within 60 days because I know how to protect my clients and I have the resources to do it.
If you find that you have a problem with getting your backlinks showing up, check to see if you can find a connection within Internic. Registrations names the same? Addresses, Emails, Names, Phone numbers?
The bigees. IP#'s and domain name servers.
If you have multiple sites, even on unique IP's, but they are on the same class c and they represent a significant portion of the total IP's from that class c, or if they all have the same DNS, it is just a matter of time before you are busted.
If you find a site that is not passing PR to you or anyone else linked from that page, let us know so we can move your link. If you find a site that is passing PR to others but not to you, maybe you should give me a call. I have begun offering anonymous, secure hosting from random servers with random class C's. I can offer just the hosting and even random servers for those of you who have a lot of sites that need protecting. These aren't low end servers either. These are PIII's and IV's with 1.3 gig processors and up to a gig of memory starting at about $399 a month depending on the software packages.
Not many people can offer this type of service. Not many people even understand what it means. If you know what it means and you see a problem, you are welcome to give us a call. Whether you decide to call us or not, you need to take some action about this problem BEFORE you get hit. If you do it before you get popped, you can save the PR you already have.
See you at the top